Frequently asked questions

Please read the frequent asked questions and corresponding answers below. Should you require further information, feel free to contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

To request a quote, simply fill in our contact form and provide your technical drawings. For full supply requests, please specify the quantity and quality of your preferred materials. If you’re a new customer, please add your company’s tax information.

For quotes and estimates, please send your drawings as .pdf, .dwg or .dxf files. Working files for confirmed order can be sent as .igs, .xt, .stp, .step, .sat or .ifc files. 3D files help us optimise the workflow and minimise the risk of errors. However, we can also work with pencil drawings, scans and .jpg files – as long as the drawings include all information and dimensions needed for laser cutting purposes.

We deliver goods throughout Europe. Our delivery service ships weekly to Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Malta, Albania, Spain and Belgium. For other European countries, we rely on a trusted network of freight companies that help us ensure quick and safe transport to your preferred location.

We do not apply any restrictions to your order. However, processing costs vary based on quantity: the higher the quantity of processed units, the lower the unit price. Based on this, we recommend you make the most of your materials by completely cutting the metal rods.

Yes, you can always ask for a product sample before confirming your order.

While this is generally possible, the feasibility depends on the final length of the unit, the specific process type and your requested quantities. As a rule of thumb, we normally ask for a minimum workpiece length of 4,000 mm and some machining allowance (approx. 100-200 mm minimum).

Order turnarounds depend on the process type, the specific quantities and our plant’s workload at the time the order is confirmed. With six processing installations, we can generally provide a quick turnaround for urgent requests. Nevertheless, we recommend advance booking of your selected materials to avoid inconvenient delays.

Yes. Our facility is equipped with an electronic weighing machine that checks the incoming/outgoing weight.